North Wales 2019 for 2020 A/BPU Qualifier – Rhyl 23/24 November

What an outstanding competition the A/BPU North Wales Qualifiers was in Rhyl this weekend. Dayle Longford, the Lord of DL Fitness hosted us again for the 3rd time and we are really blessed. The man has a passion for the sport and the people and looked after everyone form start to finish. The DL crew as always were HOT on platform and had their hands full at times but there were some incredible saves, lots of shouting and a lot of laughing. I must thank referees Dan Whittall and Lisa Bulcock and Dayle who bunked in for some flights for their firm and fair refereeing and most of all consistency as well as taking the time to to talk to the lifters and explain decisions as well as getting out of their seats and being “pro” and “lifter” active. Saturday was the womens classes, all male teens, juniors, along with the mens open classes up to 82.5kg. The women as always were unstoppable yelled, raaaaared and whoooped thier way through the day. We had deadlift only Nia Golding in the 67.5kg M2 division pull 175kg taking a British record and head to heads going down to the last deadlift. Some really solid lifting form Nicky Corbett who, despite forgetting all about the squat command really excelled. The womens divisions are drowing exponentially as are the men’s teenage division where we had a new new lifter and the mens Juniors were pretty stacked. The mens classes up the 82.5kg were no easy either with ABPU totals going over 500 and many new lifters. I must mention the Junior NPU phenomena William Jonest who in the 125kg class scored a 742.5kg total. Sunday was TOUGH! We had NO RAW lifters – everyone was classic and we had classes that were battling it out and 6 lifters deep. A big welcome back to Aaron Moody who against all odds, surgery and having to miss out on worlds was back on platform today and so pleased to see him. Conor Neilly went for a huge pull of 300kg in the 100kg class – big just missed out and Ian Williams going for a 175kg bench on the 90kg class. The larger gentlemen had a tussle in the 110kg ABPU class with Curtis McLaren taking the win against 6 of them with a 722.5kg total. We wish we could mention everyone but this would be a very long post and most would be asleep by the end of it! These are only a few of the really exceptional performances this weekend and we thank everyone for being so supportive and kind and kind with each other and I hope this continues on social media. There were so many “behind the scenes” stories with this competition and I know many of these lifters had a lot to overcome to even be there – and that is one of the things that makes competing compulsive. Whether you hit what you wanted, or it wasnt quite there on the day – this is competition. nothing is the same as in training and sometimes there are things which can only be experienced and learned on platform. However, with a little support, a few kinds words or a small gesture, this can help help to keep the determination and perseverance alive and on fire to keep going. Thank you again to everyone this weekend and see you in May and June! The A/BPU team
“I have yet to find the man, however exalted his station, who did not do better work and put forth greater effort under a spirit of approval than under a spirit of criticism.” Charles Schwab