Covid 19 Update for the federation

Its been a difficult few months for many of us and some significant changes have happened for everyone,

As you already know we have had some major blows to competitions and I am extremely sorry that so many of our competitions had to be moved, changed and new regulations have to be put in place,

these are some of the changes that have happened and what we have had to do in order to run competitions.

  1. British and European Championships 2020

As you know, the British at Bodypower had to be postponed and rolled into the Europeans 2020 which we rolled into the new Bodypower date in October. with social distancing and hygiene risk we just couldnt take the risk to our members with 500 lifters over 3 days,

So we pushed ahead and decided to take the risk to run the Europeans in a single lift format and in a way that if we get a second wave, we have half a chance of being able to still go ahead.

Emails have gone out to all the 2020 members with the new details and cut off dates. Emails also went out to all those with existing entries in the Europeans and British and with instructions of how to re-register (all people who had entries need to do this form).

2. Qualifiers

We had 3 remaining qualifiers which got postponed and those competitors all got emails. We have also put up the new qualifiers for the 2021 season. the August qualifier is still going ahead at present.

3. Qualification for 2021

In the circumstances, we have now decided to give EVERYONE who qualified for the British and Europeans 2020 an extended invitation for 2021. You are good to go! Everyone else needs to now qualify for 2021, they missed the boat!

4. AWPC and WPC World Championships

As you know, poor Shane Brodie had to cancel the AWPC Worlds in the circumstances and we all are deeply sorry. The US had a better chance of being able to run in the whole Covid situation so they have picked up the gauntlet and are hosting BOTH the AWPC and WPC World Championships 2020. The expression of interest forms are on the web site on the competitions page. Anyone going – PLEASE ensure you have rebookable flights and hotels.

5. Staff for Regional Competitions

Due to the situation with the Covid 19 virus, many changes have had to take place with our qualifiers., Due to regulatory issues which may still be in place, risk and financial factors (everyone has been hit financially including the federation) – all staff will be local to the establishment/venue. This makes rapid changes much easier and means less risk with external personnel coming into the local area.

6. Arrangements at Competitions

In the current situation we will have to limit the amount of people in the venue at any one time dependent on the government regulations at the time. Small batches of lifters will go through at a time with lifters only being permitted one coach with them at present. There will not be any audience at present permitted until such times the regulations change.

Cleaning will have to take place between each group and all persons entering the venue will be temperature checked as they enter and given a wrist band. Lifters will be asked where possible, to adorn masks when they can and also to clean bars/plates as they use them. Consideration toward other people in the venue is an absolute MUST. It sounds a lot but its actually not as big an ordeal as it sounds – take it in your stride. Also, the time slots for where and when you will be permitted into the venue and when you are on will be on the Facebook event page from a week before.

We will be replacing spoken commands with an audible sound for commands. the referees will be a bit further away from you as well and all wearing masks.

You will need one person with you to hand out for you on bench – there will not be anyone who can hand out for you at present. Please make arrangements for this. that same person may possibly also back spot for you on squat if the weights demand it, and we are working on this as that is not final.

Chalk will not be available in a shared bowl, you must bring your own and talc will not be permitted in the building anywhere or on platform for deadlift. Im sorry but for the moment this has to be the case.

Medals will put on a table and no longer presented to you, you will be called and will have to pick them up as you come up for your award.

It all sounds a bit crap but as a nation we have weathered more and worse than this. The point is that we are trying to make sure you can still lift, be seen, showcase your efforts and we will work together until such a time we can fully join forces in person together again without hindrance.

“Do not let us speak of darker days; let us speak rather of sterner days. These are not dark days: these are great days – the greatest days our country has ever lived. ” Winston Churchill