ABPU Membership (the tested side of the federation) 

What happens when I sign up?

THIS IS THE TESTED SIDE OF THE FEDERATION. If you are looking for the non tested side, that is the BPU and you need to navigate to the BPU membership page on this site.

What happens when I sign up?

Hello – memberships run each year to the 31st December so your membership expires each year on the 31st December. You are about to take out a 2021 membership. 

Your details get sent through onto a csv file and they are processed every week.  You will NOT receive  your number immediately, your card will come in PDF format to your email in approximately 10 days. If you are in desperate need of your number then please email memberships@britishpowerliftingunion.co.uk (and please be courteous). After you pay WAIT and you will be redirected to a page where you will have a download page for your A/WPC Rule book and Welcome letter. Please ensure you download these and READ them. 


 Please email memberships@britishpowerliftingunion.co.uk ONLY if you have heard nothing back in over a week. 


When you take out membership  and are on the last paypal confirmation page WAIT for a moment and you will be redirected to a thank you page with a link to 3 documents to download. Please ensure you download them and READ them. One is the rule book. You will then get an email with your membership number PDF in around a week. 


You MUST have current membership when you apply to enter a competition – either a 2020 number for 2020 competitions or a 2021 number for entering 2021 competitions. If you are sailing close to the wind and it is unlikely that Kate will have got your card out to you – then email and ask for the number. In the meantime, on the entry form, put the date you applied for membership – YOU MUST INFORM US WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR MEMBERSHIP as it is required on the form – this is YOUR responsibility to let us know as soon as you receive it. 

When does membership run from and who is my governing world body?

ABPU membership entitles members to one year of membership which runs from 1st January to 31st December.  Members who join are ABPU members and will compete in ABPU national and international competition with the governing world body of the Amateur World Powerlifting Congress which is the tested separate sister federation of the World Powerlifting Congress, the governing body of the BPU which is a completely separate entity, both commercially and constitutionally. Kieran Kidder is the owner of both the AWPC and the WPC. 

Membership activates WHEN YOU FILL THE FORM IN AND MAKE PAYMENT (unless you are taking a 2020 membership and its still 2019, in which case it will activate on the 1st Jan 2020, so if you join mid year then it will still run out on the 31st December. 

When I join, am I always subject to target testing and what is it?

Rules of membership with the ABPU are the same as the BPU, although these 2 federations are completely separate,  except that you are subject to targeting testing in and out of competition, all those tested will be publicly listed and the results also publicly listed. The term “targeted” means members who appear to have made changes in physique, results or reports of chemical usage will be targeted for testing regardless of their placing at competition and members must be agreeable to this prior to taking out membership.

Do I lift at the same time as BPU members?

As an ABPU member you adhere to the same rules as BPU members and will be expected to compete side by side, but not against BPU members (unless you wish to). All ABPU members may compete and take BPU records, win places etc or qualify for WPC international competition instead of AWPC i they wish. There is no additional cost in your membership, although it does class as an additional category listed below.

What happens if a lifter tests positive?

There is no appeal.Members who have prescribed medicines which attribute to the positive test will be asked to provide evidence and doctors reference to support this and the details will be given to the testing facility. 

If there is no appeal – the lifter will be banned for life from the ABPU and have a 2 year ban from applying for membership with the BPU. If the lifter wishes to return they will only have the option of joining the BPU after a 2 year time frame. Please remember that these 2 federations have separate ownership and constitutions. 

What happens if I lift BPU and want to go to ABPU? 

You have to give notice to the federation and declare you wish to be moved. You will then be required to not lift BPU or ABPU for a 6 month period at which point you will be be asked to take a test which you will be liable to pay for. If this is completed and is negative your membership to the ABPU will be approved.

What about previous usage? 

There are many people who have lifted non tested who no longer wish to be part of that category and would like to move to a tested federation. We allow this and potential members must be aware of this before taking membership.

What about switching from the BPU to the ABPU and also back?

You can only change once – this stops people abusing the facility of both sides of the federation and the other lifters.

I see a lot of negativity about other lifters that compete non tested on line…….

We dont stand for this. We have a non flaming rule and the main thing is to keep the politics away from our lifters but also give them platform as well when they want and need to be heard. Any negativity towards ANY other federation or deliberate defaming of another lifter will be met with a ban from the federation. The emphasis is about acceptance of each other and respect – if you dont like the rules then dont join.

Ok, so what’s the perks of being a member of the ABPU?

ABPU members can compete and take records of the BPU as well as the ABPU in regional and national competition. You will have your own records sections,  AWPC international competitions, testing procedures and the same ethics we have employed from the start with the other federation, the BPU, of respect to all, you lift where you wish to and to treat lifters the way you would be expected to be treated. You also get to compete against the non tested lifters, take their records, qualify for WPC International competitions and steal their place and the list goes on……

To Join the ABPU you can follow our easy on-line application process which requires you to make payment via paypal and then complete a registration form (all on-line for your ease).

ABPU membership fees are:

New and renewal ABPU Members : £37
Teenage Membership (13-19 years old) : £17





**Please be aware that renewals will be issued with the new membership number each year.

Data Storage and Registration 

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