The Bomb Squad – The Ultimate Edge



The Bomb Squad is a specialist bench only equipped flight and not for for the less adventurous. 

Years ago, there was no raw division, everyone was equipped and over time the RAW divisions took over especially for new lifters, as an easier way to compete. Equipped is difficult, technically the hardest of the divisions and takes time and patience. 

For those who are equipped, they know that everything can go very wrong very quickly if you are a mm out of position and a good day is getting one lift in. However, when it goes really right, the weights you can lift are incredible but “bomb outs” are a way of life for equipped lifters. We compete for that one competition where everything goes “right” – it is exciting, terrifying, exhausting and technically really difficult but you will never see lifts and weights in any other division like this. 

Over the years equipped lifting has declined, mainly because of the reasons above and the common want to go 9 out of 9 and play it safe. The Bomb Squad is bench only for those equipped lifters to get platform time and try out new kit, get input from other lifters but also be in a safe space to totally bugger it up without any judgemental nonsense from others in a positive atmosphere of understanding – because that is what we do. 

In this compstition which is run every 2 to 3 months all over the country we also include “unlimited” shits. These are shirts which are not approved by the WPC and you cannot take international records with them, but you can take A/BPU records with them and they come under the unlimited section in Open Powerlifting. Those unlimited shirts and sling shots are permitted in the A/BPU ONLY at Bomb Squad meets. So in the Bomb Squad you can use: 

Single ply shirts

Multiply shirts

Unlimited (band ) shirts 

Sling shots

The weight classes and age classes all remain the same. 

In the Bomb Squad, no arms to extend over the elbow and only the Bomb Squad is allowed a 4th attempt. They follow the basic WPC rules with the exceptions of the unlimited shirts being permitted to be 2 inches lower in the anterior deltoid. All singlets must be worn over the shirts apart from the sling shots which must be worn outside the shirt, 



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