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Welcome to the ABPU records section. As you know we are the only British licensed federation to the World Powerlifting Congress.

Here you will find links to our own British records and also the AWPC European and AWPC World records. All record enquiries go to:

We made a decision to start our British records from scratch upon the new license being awarded to us, giving lifters the opportunity to carve a new path on the British level before hitting the European and World records.

You can attempt British records at any of our regional or national competitions and for European and World records it needs to be an intentionally recognised competition like a World Championship or Europeans or a WPC sanctioned event.

Rule of thumb is always check if the competition is WPC sanctioned before going for a European or World record – there have been times in the past that lifters have been told by other federations they have broken World Records when in fact it was never a sanctioned competition.

Remember – for World records, ALWAYS fill out your WPC World record form which needs the 3 signatures of the referees on platform at the time of your lift. You need to get this done the same day and handed in.

To claim ANY of the records – it is FREE. The only time you may be asked for assistance with cost is if we have to post certificates out to you. You will be given your British certificate on the day of the competition or they will be posted out to you, World record certificates have ALWAYS been free to claim from the WPC and you should never be asked for money for them. The WPC will send out your certificate direct from them free of charge.

OPEN POWERLIFTING has created an index with all the UK powerlifting federations and not only provides a UK wide based listing and ranking system, it also allows you to cross reference from one federation to all. We completely support this project so please do check your listings and rankings at the links below:


ALL enquiries regarding records MUST be emailed to – please DO NOT contact him personally through facebook etc. 

Please allow 4 weeks when asking NICELY for a certificate, certificates generally will go out on the 1st of each month, but certainly within 4 weeks. 

You will get a virtual copy in PDF of your certificate. IF you prefer just to have the PDF and print it yourself PLEASE MAKE THIS CLEAR!!

Please remember that RAW is without knee wraps or sleeves – and CLASSIC RAW is WITH knee wraps or sleeves. 


Record Claiming Form – All certificate requests must be requested through this form.

Then email to:

Special Claiming Form Stuff: 

Awesome Master Lifters: 

If you are a Master lifter and your record is higher than the Open category you can take this too!! Wooooooo! You can also take the Master and Open records in the other federation, the BPU AS WELL if it is higher, the form here is ONLY for Masters taking open records. However, you MUST send this claim form to have it registered, it is not automatically done. Please download the following form, fill it in and email to Claim for Open record from a Master Lifter

If you are an ABPU member and you lifted more than the BPU equivalent record you can claim that as well……….. damn you have it good! Please note these are not automatically updated, you MUST claim it and HERE IS THE FORM!  Claim for ABPU member to take BPU record

Email to


As you are a member of the BRITISH federation, we DO NOT deal with the European or World records certificates. Anyone that emails our records registrar asking for certificates other than British ones will be beaten with a referee light. So, what happens when you break a European or World record? The results form INTERNATIONAL sanctioned events where you can ONLY break European and World Records are sent to the WPC and AWPC in the USA. If you didnt declare it on platform, then it wont be logged and you wont get it. The European records are then sent, by the USA to Russia who look after the European records. You ONLY certificates for WORLD records. 

If you have queries about your World or European record then you need to contact them and the details are on the WPC/AWPC web site


As from the 1st January 2022, the WPC have now included additional women’s weight classes of 100kg, 110 and 110+kg. 

As from the 1st January the 90+kg class will no longer exist but prior 90+kg records will remain on the records sheets. ALL new British records in the BPU and ABPU under the 100, 110 and 110+ classes will be based on the old 90+kg records. Please be aware of this when attempting British records. 

Full Power:

Single-Ply-Full-Power-ABPU – Updated 29.04.2022

Multi-Ply-Full-Power-ABPU – Updated 29.04.22

Classic Raw Full Power ABPU Updated 27.04.22

Raw-Full-Power-Records-ABPU – Updated 27.04.22

Bench Only:




Deadlift Only:

Raw-Deadlift-Only-Records-ABPU – Updated 21.12.21



AWPC Records (World and Single Lifts can be located here):
AWPC and WPC Worlds records