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North Wales 2019 for 2020 A/BPU Qualifier – Rhyl 23/24 November

What an outstanding competition the A/BPU North Wales Qualifiers was in Rhyl this weekend. Dayle Longford, the Lord of DL Fitness hosted us again for the 3rd time and we are really blessed. The man has a passion for the sport and the people and looked after everyone form start to finish. The DL crew […]

Presidents Blog: A/BPU British Nationals the MUST READ

So here we are, the British Nationals is here again so damn fast. This year we are looking at 450+ competitors, 3 platforms and more staff in one place than I have ever had to deal with. More equipment, more logistics, lorries and vans and more AV equipment. Holding our nationals at Bodypower is something […]

President’s Blog – And now the Nationals at Bodypower is over…..

By Emma Ylitalo-James, President – BPU and ABPU.  Holy crap.  Well, as Alan Wilson said, we managed the impossible. Well actually, I think you all managed the impossible.  I was sat at home writing about critical thinking and the use of cognitive restructuring when an email with the final numbers for the ABPU and BPU […]