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Covid 19 Updates

The last 3 qualifiers at present in August and September are going ahead. We have new competitions starting from September onward. Everyone who qualified for British Championships and European Championships 2020 please keep your invitations – you are qualified for 2021 as well. British Championships are CONFIRMED for 2021 at Bodypower, the A/WPC Europeans will […]

North Wales 2019 for 2020 A/BPU Qualifier – Rhyl 23/24 November

What an outstanding competition the A/BPU North Wales Qualifiers was in Rhyl this weekend. Dayle Longford, the Lord of DL Fitness hosted us again for the 3rd time and we are really blessed. The man has a passion for the sport and the people and looked after everyone form start to finish. The DL crew […]

Lifter of the Month May 2019

Scott Neary Good morning, Thank you very muchIve not completed anything like this before so ive done my best effort so far. 1) Who are you? Scott Neary 2) Why did you start weight training? I went to a rugby specific strength and conditioning session at A&O in Aug 17, the owner set a deadlift […]