AWPC World Championships 2023 British were triumphant!

AWPC World Championships 2023, Great Britian Team 

4th to 6th August, Baton Rouge, Louisianna

We had 27 British competitors fly all the way to Baton Rouge, Louisianna to represent Great Britain at the AWPC World Championships.

Most of them competed in the A/BPU Single Lifts Championships in May, then the European Championships at the end of May, then the British Championships in July and 2 weeks later set foot on USA soil to do it all again with no rest, no time out, had to take time off work to go,  spend the money to go and most of all – give an absolute representation of what being a sportsperson and professional is about.

All of our lifters absolutely wowed the other countries – every lifter made it to platform, knew what they were doing, put their next attempts in on time, executed their lifts in technically fabulous way, were respectful to all the staff and most of all gave it everything they had. For most of them – they really didn’t have a lot left but that is international competing, competing for your country and having a lot of damn grit is all about.

International competing is about adaptability – the ability to deal with differences: different ways of doing things, different schedule formats, different kit and being able to handle it when things dont go the way you are used to. Dealing with too much or not enough information, riding out technical issues and all the “stuff” that goes with the territory of competing in different countries.

This is true test of a lifters “metal” – it is also the making of a lifter and improves your ability to compete in different surroundings when others cannot or fail to be able to adapt. No whining when things are different or not the way you think they should be, you just adapt and progress.

Everyone placed, we had a plethora of medals and I have to say that every single competitor on Team GB excelled – they maybe didnt get the numbers they wanted, but they gave everything they had, and on the day there is nothing more you can do. I am exceptionally proud and grateful to all of our lifters who went and they will take their place at the AWPC World Championships 2024 in Limerick Ireland on behalf of GB, should they wish to and I look forward to seeing them all – they are a credit to the sport of powerlifting.

The British Team competitors were: 

Katie Lane
Tashana Gregory-Bailey
Megan Huggins
Fraser MOntgomery
Charlotte Viccars
Katie Bickle
Jack Dales
Rachel Hookway
Isabella Cesareo
Viv Dickinson
Joe Frake
Thomas Pearson
John Strange
Laura Morgan
Christina McDermott
Kieran Griffith
Richard Baker
Sal Lack
Stewart Hill
Peter Tryner
Lily Coward
Robert Clark
Kurtis Glenn
Jennifer Childerhouse
Claire Knight
Sophie Keeble
Sonny Hack
Michael Burden
Mark johnson
Alistair Griggs 
Joseph Gill
Jacob Mathew

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