AWPC – WPC Rules Updates

Hi everyone,

The WPC has issued a rule update stating the following rues changes in competition. Also included are A/BPU rules updates: 

  • Elbow Sleeves on Squats, even under classic raw category are no longer allowed. (Equipped is still OK)
  • Knee Sleeves on Bench,  under classic raw category is allowed. RAW – no knee sleeves on bench. (Equipped is still OK)
  • Knee Sleeves and knee wraps on Deadlift,  under classic raw category is allowed. In RAW it is NOT allowed. (Equipped is still OK)
  • Wrist wraps are allowed on RAW and classic RAW deadlift and all equipped classes
  • Lifters moving competing in Nationals, European and World Championships must enter the age class they eill be in on the date of the competition. If you qualify as a Junior at the British and turn 24 before World Championships they now require you to lift in the Open Category. 
  • 3 meter knee wraps are now allowed
  • Titan and some other brands now have heavy elastine material for their singlets. The lifter MUST read the rule book fully – a singlet is illegal if in any way it suports the lifter and aids the lift. The lifters must use cotton singlets to avoid having their kit disqualified. 
  • Referees ARE permitted to move out of their seats to view a lift. They are NOT permitted to ask a spotter to move in order for them to see, they MUST move around the spotters. 
  • WPC-Rule-book-Official-Website-2022doc (1)